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Coast 4x4 is a full family business, with Father and Son, Paul Sparkes and Son, Dylan running the workshop, Wife, Sarah, keeping the calm at home and sorting the payroll and finally, Daughter, Erin keeping the social media pages running (along with Dylan).
Paul has been in the automotive industry since he first passed his 'Changing a Wheel' badge in the Cub Scouts, back in the UK, in 1979 as a 9 year old! As a 3rd generation automotive technician (Grandad was an engineer with the army during WW2) and Dad is a retired Garage owner, back in the UK. Paul began working on cars, part time as a school aged teenager, before beginning his full time apprenticeship in 1986. Paul has extensive experience with European vehicles and served his apprenticeship working on what are now classed as classic Euro's, from Rolls Royce to Jaguar and Mercedes, Austin, NSU, Land Rover and Alfa Romeo, to name a few. Prior to moving to New Zealand in 2010, time was spent with Porsche, air cooled VW and Range Rover. After arriving in New Zealand, the love affair with 4WD was re-ignited following working at and then managing the workshop at a local ARB 4x4 agent. Employment with Subaru, VTNZ and an Auckland AC specialist has helped ensure Paul is up to date with New Zealand rules, regulations and operating procedures and has a very broad knowledge of all makes, models and fuel sources.....including EV's and Hybrids, following training by Bosch at Auckland Unitech
Son, Dylan has recently joined the business as an apprentice, following time spent in the Marine industry. He's been a keen 4x4 enthusiast, ever since arriving in New Zealand as an 11 year old, back in 2010. Once he was allowed to get on the road, legally, he began the journey to 4x4 fun with a bush truck Suzuki SJ, before getting a road legal Nissan Safari. Several vehicles later, he's now back with a fully cert'd Safari TD42 turbo. 
** Update : He's gone to the dark side and got himself a PX2 Ranger!
It doesn't matter what you drive, give us a call for help and advice and a fix for any automotive issues you face
Whatever the vehicle, we can repair, service, modify and accessorise it.
Servicing, WoF, WoF repairs, tyres, fleet maintenance, air conditioning repairs and modification of all makes, models and vehicle types.
We have the latest diagnostic equipment and ECU re-map software
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ECU Remapping

We offer ECU remapping and emission system solutions for your broken EGR and blocked DPF's on 4x4's, Euro's, cars, vans and motorhomes. Get in touch for more information


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