AC / Air Conditioning Repairs and Diagnosis

Quality automotive air conditioning repairs and services in North Auckland

AC Repairs, whatever the vehicle

We are the automotive repair company you can trust for air conditioning servicing, repairs, and replacement. You don't have to drive a 4x4, we work on and have experience with all vehicles. Give us a call on 09 426 4445 to arrange an AC assessment


Car air conditioning services offered to our customers

We provide the following quality automotive air conditioning services: 
  • Diagnosis  – We don't just re-gas your AC system. With modern AC systems, low refrigerant isn't always the cause of operational issues. We have the skill and equipment to check your entire AC system and accurately quote any faults.
  • Air conditioning parts and replacement – Some or all air conditioning parts may be covered by your mechanical warranty policy (if you have one). If necessary we’ll liaise with your insurance company.
  • Re-gassing-  our air conditioning re-gas service starts from $295.00 including GST
  • AC Hoses and Pipe Repair  – We have the tools and equipment to make and repair AC hoses, whatever the application
  • Don't have AC but want it?  – We can retro fit an AC system to your vehicle

Common air conditioning problems you may have...

Has your air con and heating system stopped working or is it suffering from poor air flow? 
Is it too hot or too cold inside your vehicle, no matter how you adjust the temperature? 
Does your AC or heater smell?
Funny noises from behind the dash, when the heater or AC is switched on or off?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then we can help.


      Make an enquiry today to find out more about our car air conditioning repair services.

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      ECU Remapping

      We offer ECU remapping and emission system solutions for your broken EGR and blocked DPF's on 4x4's, Euro's, cars, vans and motorhomes. Get in touch for more information


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