AC / Air Conditioning Repairs and Diagnosis

Quality automotive air conditioning repairs and services in North Auckland

Coast 4x4 provides customers with honest information which earns loyal customers and consistent word of mouth referrals. With automotive air conditioning, prevention is definitely better than an expensive cure. Coast 4x4 recommends you regularly service your air con system to avoid any potential problems. 

We are the automotive repair company you can trust for air conditioning servicing, repairs, and replacement. Give us a call on 09 426 4445 to arrange a free estimate.
If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then Coast 4x4 can help.

Common air conditioning problems car owners have

Has your air con and heating system stopped working or is suffering from poor air flow? 
Is it too hot or too cold inside your vehicle? 
Is your engine losing water? 
Does your AC or heater smell?
Funny noises from behind the dash, when the heater or AC is switched on?

Car air conditioning services offered to our customers

We provide the following quality automotive air conditioning services: 
  • Diagnosis and servicing – We recommend regular servicing to avoid an expensive failure.
  • Air conditioning parts and replacement – Some or all air conditioning parts may be covered by your mechanical warranty policy (if you have one). If necessary we’ll liaise with your insurance company.
  • Re-gassing-  our air conditioning re-gas service starts from $199.50 including GST and includes:
  • Check air conditioning system for possible leaks
  • Check temperature and gas pressure
  • Check oil content of system
  • Add oil if required
Make an enquiry today to find out more about our car air conditioning repair services.

Car air conditioning service FAQ

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions our team gets about car air conditioning. 
For further information, please phone us 09 426 4445, so your air conditioning problem can be accurately diagnosed. 

I have mechanical warranty insurance. Does my policy pay for repairing or replacing the air conditioning in my vehicle?

It’s typical for a policy to cover the parts and labour, yet some policies, unfortunately, fail to cover for the refrigerant and oil. We can advise on what will and won't be covered, once we've assessed your vehicle

My air con isn't working. How do I know if it's run out of gas, or something else?

Coast 4x4 is unable to diagnose what is wrong over the phone, without looking at your car. There are so many components in the modern AC system, that it is almost impossible to accurately diagnose over the phone. We offer a no obligation 30 minute diagnosis, for free. Give us a call to book an appointment

Besides air conditioning servicing, repairs, and replacement, what other services do you provide?

Coast 4x4 are an automotive repair workshop, catering for all makes and models of vehicles. 4x4's are our passion but as trained technicians, with extensive experience in European, Japanese, American and Australian brands, we are very happy to work on your family car, sports car, van, motorhome or weekend toy. 

Coast 4x4 are your vehicle air conditioning specialists who welcome your enquiry and can provide you with a free estimate. Get in touch with our qualified North Auckland mechanical team now.