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If you are thinking about buying an electric or hybrid vehicle you have probably already done a bit of research around the cars range and how much you stand to save not buying fuel. But have you considered the cost of maintenance? There are far fewer moving parts on many of these types of vehicles, and that equates to less things that can go wrong. So, does that actually translate into lower maintenance costs?

Let’s outline the differences between a hybrid and fully electric vehicle first…

Hybrid vehicles get their power from a battery and a small internal combustion engine. Hybrids fall into the subcategories of HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicles) or PHEVs (Plug in Electric Vehicles) differentiating between vehicles that 'self regenerate' their batteries as they move along or through braking (HEV’s), and vehicles that require an external source of power i.e. being plugged in (PHEVs). Hybrids usually have a small electric range. The 2021 Toyota Prius Prime has a 51.9km electric range, but this is combined with a 1.8ltr petrol engine.

Electric vehicles or EV’s are exclusively powered by their electric motor(s). Ranges have improved significantly in recent years, with the latest Tesla Long Range model boasting 580km on a single charge.

Maintenance Comparison

As hybrid vehicles still have internal combustion engines they face most of the traditional maintenance requirements of a petrol or diesel powered vehicle. Models that include regenerative braking systems often benefit from reduced wear and tear on the brake pads, but on the whole you can expect hybrid maintenance costs to be similar to their standard alternative, albeit with less wear and tear.

Electric vehicles, however, require no 'traditional' oil changes (apart from driveline), fuel filters, drive or timing belts, spark plug replacements or emission checks. Maintenance consists mainly of cabin filter replacements, air conditioning and brakes/ tyres checks, which are infrequent. For this reason the cost of maintenance is typically a lot lower. This doesn’t mean electric cars are immune from breakdowns. Plus, depending on the make and model you own, you may find there are still only a few places that can repair battery and auto-electrical issues.


Despite our 4x4 roots, we welcome EV and hybrid owners and have technicians who have completed training by Bosch, for EV and hybrid repair. We even have hybrid battery replacement options available for you. 


Need a WoF on your EV or hybrid? We can help with that. We hear of people asking where they can go with their EV.......why not try us?


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