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Eurotune was founded by a group of individuals with extensive and deep experience in the performance and tuning industry to serve the Australian and New Zealand markets. Our tunes are developed on a dyno in New Zealand on Aus/NZ spec. vehicles, using local fuel, in local climatic conditions - all critical elements when tuning vehicles for the best driveability and reliability experience.

Customer satisfaction is the heartbeat of our company, and when combined with the wealth of knowledge, skills and experience of our New Zealand dealer network; first class products and consumer experiences are delivered. Our ECU remaps are designed to provide an increased level of performance that enhances customers driving experience, whilst maintaining engine and driveline reliability and normal service levels.  Some chip tuning and remapping companies quote higher torque and power and torque figures than we do, but they usually prove to be inaccurate or if actually delivered will likely compromise reliability whilst increasing service and maintenance costs. 

The Eurotune Head Office is based in Auckland New Zealand and our dealers have bricks and mortar premises in local communities. We don't have travelling salespeople selling copied or cut and paste tunes out of the back of their vehicle that they purchased off Ebay, Alibaba, India, China, South Africa or the likes, to unsuspecting consumers who don't understand what they are purchasing. 

Buying a remap is something you do once for your it right and choose Eurotune for your performance tuning and emission solution needs.



SINCE 2004

ECU-SHOP are the largest manufacturer of Diesel aftermarket ECUs in the Southern Hemisphere with over 125 employees. Based in Thailand, 100% of the hardware design, software development and manufacturing is undertaken in-house, giving total control over quality. ECU-SHOP have developed the most powerful 4 cylinder diesels in the world with over 1,000hp and have set world records on the race track. The knowledge gained from these developments is applied to ECU-SHOP products that are used every day to Increase Power, Increase Torque, Improve Fuel Economy and Increase Throttle Response. Yes; you can have it all!  

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Wide Range

The ECU-SHOP performance tuning range starts at just $395 for the Boost Speed Next throttle response module, through to $2195 for the Touch Combo ECU Chip for Injector Duration, Injector Timing, Boost, Rail Pressure, Suction Control Valve diesel tuning with ramble Idle, and AUX ports delivering up to 85% more torque. There are five other price points in between so there's a product for every budget and application.   

Euro Tune has solutions for EGR, DPF, Swirl Flap and Ad Blue issues, along with ECU remaps for performance, towing, hard cut limiters, pops and bangs, start / stop delete and many more. 


Contact us for more information or check out the Euro Tune website 

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