Laybuy and Afterpay

At Coast 4x4 we know that sometimes, the last thing you need are vehicle repair bills. But you're stuck in a catch 22, without the car you can't get to work but you really need to spend that money elsewhere.
This is why we accept Laybuy and Afterpay. Sometimes you just need a week or two to cover those bills.
If you've got an Afterpay or Laybuy account, we accept those payment methods in store. You can pay for your WoF, service, repairs, tyres or wheel alignment,, either fully on Laybuy or Afterpay or use it to part pay along with your EFTPOS card where needed.
Contact us for more information or to book with us for repair


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ECU Remapping

We offer ECU remapping and emission system solutions for your broken EGR and blocked DPF's on 4x4's, Euro's, cars, vans and motorhomes. Get in touch for more information


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